Banaji - Whirlpool

This painting depicts a very powerful and transparent sacred dream which I had.

In my dream my attention was continuously drawn to the Whirlpool, bubbles & swirling coming up as it spun around. My elder sister who has passed away six years ago was in this dream, this is the time she came into this dream. I warned her & another loved one in the dream not to look - that is was forbidden to swim or go anywhere near the Whirlpool as it was sacred. My elders sister looked at the Whirlpool in the dream & it had this absolute deadly energy which sucked the living force out of you.

In the dream I was the only one who seemed to be able to look at the Whirlpool without the affects of energy being sucked out of me.

Curiosity engulfed me & I needed to get a aerial view of the Whirlpool to see what laid inside of it. It was this Black Mountain Lily which is within my Homelands & a very special flower to see in our life time. Where I am loved, I belong , where I belong, I will always be loved.

Natascha Czygan Natascha Czygan


76.2cm x 101.6cm Acrylic & Dry Pigment on Linen

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