Natascha Czygan

My name is Kialba, however I was born Natascha Czygan.

I grew up in Mossman on my Grandmothers Bubu (Homelands). My people have been here since the beginning of the Dreamtime. I feel very privileged to have grown up being connected to my traditional Lands before birth.

My Grandmother is also an artist. She was bestowed by a Traditional Elder the name Kialba. It is a great honour that my Grandmother has passed her name on to me. I understand the cultural responsibility of honouring my Grandmothers legacy, and I do so through my pursuits as an artist.

Firstly you have to appreciate where I grew up to fully understand where my passion for art was born. Growing up in the Daintree I was surrounded by an abundance of nature - rain-forest; mountains; creeks; ocean and wildlife. You have no choice but to be spiritually connected to your surroundings. Mother Nature dominates up here, not man. For example - cyclones; crocodiles; landslides and floods.

From a very young age I found an escape in the discovery of art in all its beauty in nature - patterns created in shells; the kaleidoscope of colours; the shapes of different waves; the dance of a bird attracting a partner; the patterns created by a busy ants nest; how dewdrops settle on fresh green leaves; the enormous strength of tree roots bursting out of the ground.

A spider I would watch in awe as it created its intricate geometric pattern. How a dewdrop would capture the sunlight shining through as it was caught on the lines of the web. My mind would wander to beyond what couldn't be seen by the eye. What did the tree roots look like beyond the surface? How far did they reach? Did they communicate to each other and with surrounding trees?

I have many people to thank for inspiring and guiding me along my path as an artist. It is an ever evolving journey - there are always new things to learn and experience. I am very excited by what lies ahead.

I feel art has enriched my life in so many different ways - through healing; self growth; spiritual awakening; self empowerment; cultural connectivity and knowledge. I believe each artwork is alive and has a heartbeat. With every work I give I believe I am sharing that life, my culture and my spirit with the world.

I am the dream of my Ancestors.