Luwana  Spratt

Luwana was born in Mossman and developed a love of art at an early age, pursuing her creative interests through Primary School, High School and now currently as an Artist with Yalanji Arts Centre. 

One of her greatest sources of inspiration and influence is her family who provide Luwana with ongoing support and creative assistance. 

Her Culture is also a driving force behind her artistic practice. Central to Luwana's work is her desire to share her heritage and to showcase her Culture in the hope that it will inspire younger artists to pursue their passion in the arts.

Currently Luwana is exploring themes of belonging and connection through  personal stories and research into shared histories. Her work encompasses painting, printmaking and ceramics and her recent paintings make use of pigments created from locally sourced ochres and coloured clays.

Luwana lives and works in Mossman, surrounded by the rainforest and the sea.