Karen Gibson

My name is Karen Gibson, I am from the Yalanji and Nyungkul Tribe. My Aboriginal name is "Dilbael" which means poisonous white flower, that is jealous of all the other flowers.

As a small child I always wanted to draw, but I didn't start to formally make art until 1984. Initially I painted artefacts for sale in the Art Gallery at Mossman Gorge, however in recent years I focused on painting, printmaking, especially screen printing, lithograph and etching.

There are different aspects to my work. Mostly my ideas come from how I feel about what I see and hear and basically what affects my mood, certain music also contributes to what I put on canvas.

I have three sons who are my best friends and I love animals. 

I feel blessed to have been influenced by my grandfather and my mother, they have contributed to the way I see things and how to translate that onto canvas.

I thank God for blessing me with the ability to work through art, and hope my work will bring a sense of good feeling and positive emotion to Australia and the World.